Oliver the Astrologer


What’s up, People of Earth! It’s Oliver the Astrologer.


Practicing online and in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, I work with people who are actively creating their lives, or who need help getting started. Be it through private readings, workshops, Instagram, or my astrology pop-ups, I’m here to support and inspire you.

My Story

I really started waking up in my late teens. Around the time I left for college, I began to ask, “Why do I feel so intensely uncomfortable just being me?” I felt prevented from living the life I knew was mine, but unable to understand why. Seeking answers, and moreover relief, I uncovered myself through therapy, channeled healing, classical homeopathy, and integrative medicine. Basically, my twenties were focused on healing from the inside out.

To put it astrologically? I’m a member of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (people born 11/1983– 11/1995), here to cleanse the toxicity of my familial and karmic past. Having cleansed consciously for over a decade now, I’ve come to recognize my pain as more than just a hindrance–it’s also the key. There’s been the mysterious overwhelm of intergenerational trauma, the stunning ache of sexual assault, and the grounding frustration of persistent health constraints. While these wounds continue to reveal themselves, I’ve come to see them as my Curriculum of Unconditional Love. All this time my struggles were guiding me to embrace my life.

Now, it’s time to help others do the same. Fusing my embodied approach with the timeless practice of astrology, I’m here to show you the power you have to change your life. Reach out, and discover what awaits.

See you soon,

Oliver the Astrologer