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Welcome! For those interested in a reading with me, click a button below or choose the “Book Now” option from the menu bar at the top of the page.

Further down this page you’ll find a variety of group experiences, from corporate and community education, to participatory workshops and private parties. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get it in touch and we’ll design something to meet your needs.

Private Readings

Clients say my readings provide clarity, hope, and relief. Whether you’re feeling curious, stuck, inspired or overwhelmed, there’s an option for you. Using a combination of conversation, meditation, and ritual, you’ll be empowered to embrace your life. Please note that I do not offer predictive astrology. Instead, I help you welcome the energies at play in your life, and empower you to choose your response. Book a reading and find out what happens next.

Who are you here to become? The natal chart is a snapshot of the planets through the zodiac, specific to your minute and place of birth. Together, they represent the journey of your self-becoming. A rite of passage into astrology, the natal reading helps you recognize the patterns that organize your life. And recognition is the first step toward empowerment.

1 Chart | 1 Hour | $100

What is life asking of you right now? A transit reading uses the planetary positions of the recent past, present day, and near future to contextualize your current situation. Do you feel stuck, or overwhelmed by change? Do you need help making a decision, or simply the clarity of hearing your life spoken aloud? This reading addresses your specific questions no matter what they are. If you’ve never had a natal reading before, please book that first, or see the mixed reading below.

2 Charts | 75 minutes | $135

Who am I, and what’s going on? Two birds, one stone. This reading combines your natal chart and current transits. Great for new clients who want to talk about the here and now, without skipping over the rite-of-passage which is the natal chart. This 90-minute session gives us time to explore who you are, and where you're going.

2 Charts | 90 minutes | $150

What will life ask of you in the coming year? Falling on or around your exact birthday, the solar return chart is a snapshot of the skies when the Sun returns to that special degree of the zodiac (your birth degree!) each year. This reading is a special way for you to set intentions and celebrate. In it we illuminate what the upcoming year has in store, preparing you to live it to the fullest.

2 Charts | 75 minutes | $135

What is your relationship here to teach you? Synastry is the practice of combining two individuals’ natal charts. The interaction of natal charts can illuminate the themes in any relationship. Be it a lover or family member, a business partner or friend, we can bring clarity to your joys, your struggles, and the journey of growth promised through your connection. Previous clients receive a discount for this reading.

3 Charts | 90 minutes | $170

Participatory Workshops

Do you have a business, organization, or community that needs connective stimulation? I facilitate participatory workshops to help you embody the astrological currents. From full moons to eclipses, retrogrades to powerful planetary alignments, I balance movement and interaction with stillness and contemplation. I can facilitate a pre-designed experience or tailor one fit to your needs. Flexible duration, typically lasts 1-2 hours.

Corporate & Community Education

Would you like to enrich the lives of those in your workplace or community? I give talks to groups of all sizes, regardless of their astrological experience. My approach blends lecture, audience input, and mini-meditations. Flexible duration, typically lasts 1-2 hours.

Consulting & Tutoring

Do you need to align your work with the astrology of the moon or the moment? Or help launching your own practice? I offer consultation and tutoring to wellness studios, businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to incorporate astrological insight. Onetime and contract rates available.

Private Parties

Do you have a special event you’d like to infuse with astrological insight and entertainment? From the office to the living room, the picnic area to the brunch hall, I offer mini-readings, performative lectures, Q&A’s, and more. Flexible duration, typically lasts 1-3 hours.

Pop-Ups & Residencies

Astrology is for the people! You’ll find me in public spaces with my signature orange desk. Ask me anything you want. We’ll consult the ephemeris to learn about your personal planets, dance or talk it out, and help you find answers within. Contact me to book a pop-up for your next public or outdoor event. And follow me on social media (@olivertheastrologer) to find out where I’ll be popping up next!