Oliver the Astrologer



Individual Testimonials

“Oliver Adam is birthing a wonderful new form: a truly unique and embodied approach to astrology. In creating a safe, caring and deeply curious atmosphere, his readings become a mutual improvisational dance, an inquiry into the particulars and possibilities of my life. This work is both inspiring and practical. He brings the depth of his knowledge alive in ways that I had never before considered, as though the planetary players themselves are offering their essential wisdom.” –LE

“Oliver has a calming presence and treated me with respect and professionalism as soon as I arrived. He came to the session prepared and created a comfortable and open environment. Oliver helped create shared meaning during the session, which was both thoughtful and appreciated. This was my first experience working with an astrologer, and I left the session feeling renewed and encouraged. I would highly recommend Oliver's services to others!” –AB

"Oliver is a gifted, intuitive astrologer. He is a delight to work with. I always leave a session feeling uplifted, supported, and understood. Oliver balances knowledge and compassion, making his approach both informational and therapeutic. He has read my chart and the charts of my friends and family several times. I keep sending people to Oliver because it is such an insightful and satisfying experience. Oliver is simply full of love!" -GW

“I had the blissful privilege of having a reading with Oliver. He was so genuine, knowledgeable, and ON POINT that I had to really take a moment to let it all sink in. It was a very healing experience. I learned a lot and felt my options more clearly in front of me. This was one of the most empowering healing experiences I have had, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is curious or wants to experience this gift.” -SAA


Group Testimonials

“I had the opportunity to work with Oliver when he assumed the position of our in-house astrologer for CTG Yoga (now Sacred Space). We created unique astrology-inspired meditation events in conjunction with the new and full moons. Oliver provided our instructors with astrological insight to inspire their class vision. Oliver is not only professional to work with, but he offers a depth of understanding that is articulated in a digest-able way that appeals to all levels of astrological understanding. He offers valuable pearls of wisdom that would be refreshing to veterans of astrology, but also is adept at communicating the principals and archetypes of astrology to beginners. I am grateful for Oliver's ability to deliver content in a punctual, and understandable fashion and admire his dedication to his calling from start to finish. Oliver's passion and professionalism for his work is rare to find and I feel lucky to have had the chance to experience his knowledge and insight. He is a gem of a human, and a gifted astrologer.” -Caitlin Gottschalk, Sacred Space

“Oliver is a wonderfully passionate and engaging speaker. It was a treat to have him as our featured presenter for our company’s recent Lunch & Learn. He did an excellent job engaging our mixed crowd of astrology novices and astrology buffs; no matter their prior knowledge, all participants seemed to walk out with fascinating and useful information. I’d highly recommend Oliver for any speaking engagement or private session. Thank you, Oliver!” Christina Withers, Dolphin Group Companies

“I had Oliver do a presentation for our "Leo Bash" brunch, for a group of eight. He was so engaging and animated! Oliver shared a general discussion of Leo traits and then specifics of each person based on their birth date. He produced personalized astrology cards and recorded the presentation so everyone had a permanent record. The experience was educational as well as entertaining.” Norm Jensen, retired engineer